Why Are DIY Security and Surveillance Systems a Bad Idea?

Explore Why are DIY Security & Surveillance Systems a Bad Idea?

Ensure Your Family’s Safety with a Professional Installation

When it comes to smart technology, security and surveillance devices are often the most popular. Homeowners are eager to try out new locks, doorbells, and cameras which offer better protection. But if not installed correctly, these can become liabilities rather than security measures. In this blog, we highlight some common problems associated with DIY installations and explain how our professional security solutions offer a viable alternative for your Anaheim Hills, CA home.

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Settling for a Simplistic Security System

Installing security and surveillance devices, even those catered to the DIY market, can be time-consuming. For this reason, many homeowners will limit the amount of devices they include and end up with fairly superficial systems. They usually include cameras and smart locks, and that’s about it. With a professional solution, you’d also get alarms, motion sensors, and fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

Another way homeowners simplify their security and surveillance system is to cover only certain areas. While the most vulnerable zones –like your front door and first-floor windows—need to be prioritized, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the rest of your house. Don’t just settle for a smart lock on your front door, add it to all main entry points including your back door and garage. Surveillance cameras should monitor your entire home, not just the main entry points.

Having Devices That Don’t Work Together

Say you did take the initiative to install a wide variety of devices. You have smart locks, environmental detectors, and surveillance cameras. The issue now is getting them to work together, so it’s easy to manage your system. You don’t want to have to sift through four different apps to protect your home. You also don’t want to lose out on the benefits of having your devices working as one.

With our professional security and surveillance solutions, we put everything under one user interface. All your smart technology works together to protect your property. When someone arrives at your front door, the surveillance camera begins recording and sends you a snapshot. As you view the footage, you can use the same device to unlock the door and disarm the security system to let them in. When cameras detect suspicious activity, they direct all of your doors to lock and activate your alarm automatically.

Not Properly Positioning Equipment

The selling point for many smart devices is that they’re easy to install. Plug them in, link them to your phone and you’re ready to go. The one thing they fail to mention is that when it comes to security and surveillance, location is everything. Improper placement can result in faulty footage, false alarms, and incomplete coverage. Most problems with installation have to do with sensors and cameras.

When it comes to sensors, you need to know which areas can benefit from them. These include main entry points, hallways, wine cellars or gun cabinets. Properly installed sensors capture movement that comes across their path. For example, they should be placed at the start or midway through walkways, not at the very end. We also focus on the right placement and calibration so your dogs and cats aren’t setting them off throughout the day. 

For your surveillance cameras, a professional can recognize the most vulnerable areas in your home and ensure they’re monitored properly. Much like the sensors, you want to have footage of your main entry points, walkways, and living areas. A common mistake we see, though, is that people don’t monitor their perimeter including the backyard and garage. It’s important to include this in your surveillance setup so you can catch suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

The best bet is to work with a professional to make sure you have a security and surveillance system that can protect you at all times. Contact Surreal Systems to find the ideal solution for your home whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade on a current one.

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