Where Should I Place My Speakers?

If you love music and have a discerning ear, then you want to make sure your whole house music system is set up just right. The brand, system, and location all matter. Read on to learn where you should place your speakers in your Anaheim, California home. 

Spatial Factors:

In smaller rooms the sound waves bounce and reflect off the walls. Certain types of rooms can also affect how the sound travels to the listener because different frequencies act differently in various rooms. In addition, the furniture and décor in the room can affect the way the sound is distributed throughout the space.


If you put freestanding speakers too close to the wall, the frequencies can become exaggerated. The professional recommendation is to not put subwoofers in corners. Also, if you are sitting in voids between speakers, the frequencies will sound muted to you. When the speakers are placed too close to big reflective surfaces the sound may also reflect and interfere with the direct sound coming out of the speaker.

When it comes to in-ceiling speakers, the sound disperses in a circular pattern—but this will vary depending on how high the ceiling is. If the speakers are not installed correctly, there will be dead spots and also areas where the volume is much louder. To get an evenly distributed sound as you walk throughout the space, a professional must place the speakers a proper distance apart—not too close together and not too far away.

Another general rule when it comes to acoustics is called “the golden triangle”. This rule says that in a 2-channel music system, the speakers should be an equal distance apart from each other and the listener. There is a speaker on the left and the right and the listener sits in the middle, creating a triangle.

General Takeaways:

Whether you have free-standing speakers or ones that have been installed inside the wall, the placement of your music system is important. To achieve the best results, hire a professional integrator and AV installer like Surreal Systems. We have team members that have been trained and tools to analyze your space and produce the best sound performance.

Do you need help situating the speakers in your home so you can enjoy a whole house music system, or placing speakers in a surround sound system? All you have to do is fill out this online form and let us know exactly what you need.

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