When is the Best Time to Bring In an AV Professional?

Right Time to Bring In an AV Professional for Home Automation

Reduce Costs and Optimize Your System with an Early Start

For many of our clients, their home audio-video installations are a bit of an afterthought during new constructions. Not that these systems are not important to them, but they don’t consider them until the home is fully built, furnished, and the interior design established. But a successful AV system can benefit greatly from the kind of foresight given to other areas. In this blog, we’ll highlight some reasons that you should include an AV professional early in the process, around the same time you start consulting with your architects, builders, electricians, or interior designers.

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Create the Right Pre-Wiring Foundation
When it comes to custom home audio-video installations, pre-wiring makes all the difference in both optimizing your system and reducing clutter. The goal is to have all your devices interconnected with all wires running through the walls, so there’s never a bundle of cables that become an eyesore in the corner of the room. There are a few reasons an early start is crucial for pre-wiring:

– Come Up With a Plan: Before the pre-wire we consult with the client to find out exactly what kind of home audio-video components they want to include. We then come up with detailed designs showing where all equipment and wiring will go before we get started.
– Low-Voltage Framework: Just as you would bring in your electrician early on to set the high-voltage framework for your home, the same should be done for your AV, low-voltage wiring. This are the cables you’ll use for TVs, speakers, networks, satellite, and more.
– Avoiding Costly Installation: Retrofit wiring is a lot more time-consuming and expensive than laying this framework during construction. By working with your builder and architect, all your wiring can be set before closing up the walls. We build scalable solutions so you can add components in the future using this foundation.

Find the Ideal Location for Your Entertainment
If you’re creating a custom entertainment system like a home theater or listening room, you don’t want to force it into a space that’s a bad fit. We can work hand-in-hand with your builder and architect to craft the ideal environment for these systems. From the width and length of the space to special acoustic accommodations, we all work together to optimize your viewing and listening experiences.

Create a Cohesive Stylistic Design for Your Home
For many of our luxury clients, blending their technology into their interior décor is a top priority. By working with your interior designer from the start, we can come up with a cohesive style for your home. Together we’ll find out which spaces could benefit from hidden technology like in-ceiling speakers or TVs that emerge from the ceiling or custom cabinetry. We then consult with your builder to make sure the necessary wiring is in place for these custom solutions.

To create the perfect entertainment spaces in your home, you need the right care, professionalism, and planning. By hiring an AV professional to work in hand-in-hand with your builder, architect or designer we can create custom solutions that satisfy all of your unique needs. Interested in bringing us into your next project? Call Surreal Systems at (714) 779-9900 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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