Want to Enhance the Entertainment in Your Restaurant’s Patio?

Elevate Your Restaurant's Patio with Commercial AV System

Make it Easy to Bring Audio and Video to Your Outdoor Spaces

With the beautiful spring weather in California, you’ll find your restaurant’s outdoor spaces filling up faster than ever. Create the ideal atmosphere with a commercial audio video system that helps diners enjoy the cool weather and colorful sunsets. You can have relaxing music playing throughout the day and even feature live music on the weekends. Add televisions so your guests can follow Mike Trout and the Angels without having to be huddled indoors. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways a smart AV solution can boost your Orange County restaurant.

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Invest in the Right Equipment for the Job

The most common mistake we see in restaurant’s DIY outdoor entertainment systems is relying on the wrong equipment. Televisions and speakers meant for indoor use should never be taken outside. Not only are they likely to be damaged by weather and debris, but they’re also not going to offer reliable quality. Below we highlight some of the ways speakers and TVs are optimized for outdoor use:

  • Speakers: Typically outdoor speakers are designed to send sound in a particular direction so it’s only filling your space and not annoying neighboring businesses. They are also usually linked to systems with higher watt power so they can fill large spaces and overcome outside noise.
  • Televisions: Not only are they designed to withstand extreme temperatures and debris, but outdoor TVs are also glare proof. You don’t want your outdoor entertainment to go to waste because the sun is always washing out your images.

With a professional installation, all wiring remains hidden from view to eliminate any possible safety hazards. We stick to cables meant for outdoor use that can withstand the elements and carry your signal long distances without sacrificing the quality.

Create the Right AV Layout

The second problem we encounter is poor speaker and TV placement. The former is usually the bigger culprit. Since it’s hard to get cabling to outdoor spaces, many managers or owners settle for having a couple of speakers close to the restaurant’s interior. This results in uneven sound and an uncomfortable, if not unbearable, dining experience for those sitting closest to the speakers.

Instead, you want to have speakers lining your patio’s periphery and pointing inwards. Have speakers every few feet to get uniform sound throughout the space. This way you can get quality audio without having to crank up the volume. For your televisions, you want to mount them high so more people can view them. If possible, have them placed under a roofed-in area to reduce the amount of rain and sunlight hitting them.

Have an Easy Way to Make Adjustments

Now that you have the right equipment properly installed, how do you plan on using it? With a commercial AV system, you can easily alternate the content you’re playing. From a dedicated touchpad, smart remote or mobile app, employees can choose the playlist they want and pick a channel on the televisions. In outdoor spaces, it’s also important to be able to adjust the volume to make up for changes in ambient noise.

Smart control of your AV system is especially useful if you have a lot of live shows. It’s easy for your employees or the visiting musicians to switch from the typical music sources to live music. Everything is expertly set up, so it’s easy for musicians to plug in.

Help your SoCal restaurant stand out by creating lively outdoor spaces. A great entertainment experience can get diners to stick around longer. All it takes is investing in a commercial AV solution. To get started or learn more about our AV services, contact us online.

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