The Latest Advancements in Surveillance Technology

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Surveillance cameras can useful for a number of applications. Besides capturing intruders in the event of a break-in, they can be used as a baby monitor, pet sitter, or video intercom system. Plus it’s quite convenient to stay connected to your home while you’re away. Today’s surveillance cameras have extraordinary capabilities and are as clear as your HD TV. Here is the latest news in surveillance camera technology.  

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Expand Your View

Today’s newest security cameras can capture images a full 360 degrees around a space. The benefit is that your camera will never miss any action because it omits blind spots. You’ll get an immersive experience as you watch the video taken at any angle. The video is also recorded in HD with vivid color so you can see even the smallest details. Some cameras even have auto-correct technology so that if the sun is super bright, it can adjust and record the video with the right lens. Even in dim lighting, the camera will automatically slow the shutter speed and display a color image.

Record with Cloud Technology

Have you heard of “the cloud”? All that means is that information is recorded online via a network of computers. That means you don’t have to own physical memory space like a hard drive. When your surveillance cameras are recording your entire home 24-7, 7 days a week, a lot of memory is used. However, cloud-based storage is virtually infinite, so you aren’t limited by space. And you won’t have to worry about security because the server is protected.

Choose cameras with sensor capability, and you won’t have to search through hours of video. The camera will be able to sense activity and will only turn on when a person or object is moving. We can also install pet-friendly cameras that don’t activate unless a person passes by, using a height requirement.

If you want to record all day long, the user interface is easy enough to browse through so you can locate events in a timeline.

Cloud-based cameras also give you the ability to adjust their range and direction using a mobile device, so you can use your phone to view video footage, and control your cameras.

Use Live Video Streams for Various Needs

Our camera systems allow you to check in on your home in real time. With just one swipe on your smartphone or tablet, watch live video of any camera you have installed. These high-tech cameras also have night vision and can zoom in on objects, so you can get a closer look if you need to. Place one at the front door to screen visitors before letting them in. Whether you need to use it as a baby monitor for your infant, a pet cam for your beloved dog, or as a security camera to capture break-ins if they occur, Surreal Systems can help capture those important moments and save them for the future.

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