Stay Safe this Holiday Season with Security and Surveillance Systems

Use HD cameras to capture who just rang the doorbell, smart locks to only let guests or the mailman in, and arm the security system from any location with your phone. Read on to learn what security and surveillance solutions we have for your Anaheim, California home.

Playback and Live Camera Feeds from Mobile Devices

In a national poll of 2000 homeowners, 92% said being able to monitor and control their homes is a top reason for purchasing automated security and surveillance. With Control4, you can quickly and easily access your home’s controls from any place in the world, at any time. Using an app on your mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, open the security system and arm the home if it’s ever vulnerable (like when your spouse or kids forget to turn the alarm on). You can even watch live surveillance camera footage on your computer to monitor your property, and keep an eye on the pets and kids while you’re gone. Either open the app whenever you feel like it, or have the system alert you when a person enters the home. You could get text messages or emails sent to you if something goes awry. 

New “Mockupancy” Scenes Add Security

One of Control4’s new settings allows you to record every-day routines and actions of the household—from TVs, music, lights, shades, and more—and play back those routines while you are away. Your neighbors and anyone who passes by will think someone is home—but only you know the house is empty. Thieves and other criminals will never approach a home that looks occupied, so this adds another layer of security to your house.

Use Smart Locks to Allow Temporary Access

Do you know you are expecting a package at the front door? Many people do online shopping this time of year, and it’s safer to let those packages come inside instead of having the postman leave them vulnerable at the front door. With smart locks, you can give the U.S. postal service a temporary code to let them in and leave the mail inside the home. You could even see the man or woman at the door when they arrive using your smart cameras to make sure it’s them. If anyone steals your mail, you have video to identify the culprit!

Would you like to feel safer this holiday season and protect your valuables? We can assist you by making sure you have a fully secure home. A quick call to us at 714-779-9900 will snag you a consultation, or send us a message online.

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