Should You Install a Wired or Wireless Whole House Music System?

Wired vs. Wireless Whole House Sound System | which is Better?

Enjoy Your Favorite Streaming Services Without Sacrificing Quality

As Sonos continues to grow in popularity, other audio companies are also releasing lines of wireless sound systems and speakers. We often get questions about these products from clients who want to take advantage of the easy installation and instant access to popular streaming services. In this blog, we counter some common misconceptions about wireless sound systems, show how they compare with our typical hardwired whole house music solutions, and help you figure out if they’re the right fit for your Orange, CA home.

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What is a Wireless Sound System? 

One of the things that makes this decision difficult for our clients is that they don’t quite understand what a wireless music system does. Many believe the ‘wireless’ component has to do with the devices themselves. But these devices are still connected to the wall through power and Ethernet cables.

In fact, the term wireless has to do with how the signal is shared from one component to another. In a traditional whole house music system, there are coaxial or HDMI cables connecting your source components, AV receivers, or amplifiers to your speakers. In a wireless music system, the signal is shared via your network.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Wireless Sound? 

As sites like Pandora and Spotify become more popular, people are growing tired of having to listen to them on their smartphones or laptops. Wireless speakers make it easy for users to enjoy their favorite playlists throughout their home at the press of a button. These systems are also easier to install and more stylish than hardwired ones since there’s no mess of wires involved.  

While wireless sound systems offer great convenience, they can’t provide the same level of quality as hardwired ones. This is because songs are usually compressed to share them through your home network; along the way, you lose valuable details from your favorite recordings. When it comes to quality, sending your audio signals through cables and using analog sources (like a turntable) will always result in better sound.

Striking a Balance between Wireless and Wired

On the whole, we would recommend using a wired whole house music system as much as possible. We can take care of your installation, so all wires are hidden behind walls—rather than becoming an eyesore. You can access our intuitive user interfaces via apps, smart remotes or dedicated touchpads to find the music you want and choose which speakers you want to use. 

If there are certain areas of your home where wireless makes the most sense, we can advise you on the best products to use in those situations. For example, instead of using wireless speakers you can install amplifiers or AV receivers with Wi-Fi capabilities. That way instead of settling for lower-quality speakers, you can add wireless capabilities to your existing high-performance ones.

At Surreal Systems, we make it easy to enjoy your favorite music at the press of a button whether it’s on a classic vinyl or a curated Spotify playlist. To get started, all you have to do is call us at (714) 779-9900 or contact us online.

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