Savant Releases the Smart Home Remote

Personalize Your Home Entertainment Experience

With the Savant Remote, every person in the house can create their own profile. It’s like having your own remote without the extra clutter. You can either touch the control or give a voice command to access your content. For example say “Star Wars a New Hope” and the movie will turn on. Pick the TV channels or games you enjoy most often and keep them at the top of the selection menu on the remote interface. It works with Apple TV, Netflix, Ruku, Hulu, Sonos and more. Your favorite show is just a touch or word away.

Control Every Home Feature

The Savant Remote works using Bluetooth technology, so it can communicate with every solution wirelessly. Just as you can create individual scenes with the Savant App, you can access your saved settings with the remote. For example, create a “Goodnight” scene that turns off all the house lights except for the front porch, sets the thermostat to a cozy 75 degrees, lowers all the shades and arms the security system. All you have to do is say out loud “Goodnight” to the remote and the special scene comes to life.

Customize Your Smart Home

The true beauty of smart home automation is that you can customize your home exactly the way you want it, and make the technology a part of your lifestyle. You also don’t have to choose between the remote, the app, or a switch on the wall. You can integrate and use various forms of controls in your home for different scenarios. Keep the remote on the coffee table in the media room, some dimmers on the wall for easy access to the lighting, and keep iPad docking stations in key locations around the house so you can open up the app in one touch. Some good places include the main bedroom, kitchen, hallway, or home theater. All of these controls will work together seamlessly to manage your home.

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