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Use a Professional Security System in Newport Beach

No matter how big or small your business is, you absolutely need security and surveillance systems to protect your livelihood. Professional equipment and installation will ensure that your piece of property in the area of Newport Beach or around Southern California is safe and secure. Surreal Systems has various options for you that are tailored to your unique needs and specifications. Continue reading this blog to discover all that we have to offer your commercial spaces.  

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Perimeter Security

Our partner Axis offers perimeter protection solutions which are ideal for high-security facilities like chemical plants, prisons, or media outlets. Together with network cameras, horn speakers, and video management software, Axis’s Perimeter Defender system is an effective solution for many businesses since it acts as a first line of defense. Cameras capture intruders that may be loitering around fences, alert security staff during critical situations and even dismisses non-threatening events. Your staff can view video footage to determine the nature of the threat and act accordingly. This system can be controlled from a single interface and location, even if you have 50 or more network cameras.

How it Works

Axis perimeter protection solutions are based on thermal cameras with built-in video analytics software. They can detect intruders in complete darkness and provide automatic alerts when a person enters a restricted area within the camera’s field-of-view. This allows your staff to acknowledge suspect activity before the act of intrusion, and to visually verify what’s going on before taking relevant steps. This solution can easily be integrated with other IP cameras, flood lights, loudspeakers and existing security systems for optimal performance.

Upon intrusion, the thermal camera that can detect heat, turns on lights and a siren as well as alerts guards to the location. Axis cameras can even follow the intruder as they move.

Types of Cameras

We have a number of different cameras that you can use for various applications. Axis surveillance cameras can handle harsh climates, and even hazardous areas that might be subject to dangerous explosions or chemicals. They can also provide high-definition or 4K video, wide dynamic range, infrared and lightfinder which gives clear video even in poor lighting conditions. Axis cameras have advanced analytic features like motion detection, tampering alarm and audio detection to provide you with a sophisticated security system.

Modular Cameras: These types of cameras are flexible and highly discreet since they can blend into the environment.

Thermal Cameras: Thermal cameras can detect heat and work 24-7 to protect your property.

Panoramic Cameras: These cameras give you a 360 degree view and optical zoom for more detailed footage.

PTZ Cameras: PTZ stands for point, tilt, and zoom as that is what these cameras can do. They can cover a wide area.

Do you need a professional and sophisticated security solution to protect your place of business? We have solutions for every business type including: retail, government, education, healthcare, hotel and restaurants, correctional facilities, casinos, media outlets, and even small gated communities. Get started by contacting us online!

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