Media Room or Dedicated Home Theater? How Do I Choose?

A Guide to Home Entertainment in Anaheim Hills

There are many ways to enjoy movies, TV shows, video games and more in your Anaheim Hills home. So what is the best system and setup for you? A media room installation gives you the benefit of transforming the room for many different activities, whereas a dedicated home theater is traditionally used solely for enjoying feature films. Here are a few reasons why a media room may be a better choice for your California home. 

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#1 You want your entertainment area to blend in with the rest of the house.

Open concept is an interior design that is trending right now. Instead of putting up walls to segment different areas of your home, you leave it open so every space can flow into the next. A lot of families like this particular setup because they could be cooking in the kitchen and keep an eye on their kids in the living room at the same time as they play or watch TV. It also gives your home an open and airy feel making it seem bigger too.

#2 You want to hide your technology.

A media room would be perfect for those who want to hide all of their tech. The home theater system could be concealed behind walls and then used whenever needed. For example, we could hide a TV behind artwork or install a Seura mirror TV to conceal the technology. Guests will be impressed when you hit a button and reveal the entertainment center. Incorporating your home theater system into your common areas will allow family members and friends to relax and read a book, play a video game, or watch a movie. You won’t see any of the components when they aren’t in use so you can entertain in your beautiful home without the eye sore of speakers, TVs, or cords.

#3 You want to easily control your entertainment.

This point can actually be applied to both media rooms and dedicated theaters, but it’s still one of the best parts of having a smart home. Our control systems allow you to manage every feature of your house quickly and easily. You won’t have multiple remotes laying around the house or get frustrated figuring out how to access your difference sources for content. Our universal remotes and mobile apps allow you to adjust the thermostat, shades, lighting, audio, video and security all from one device. Open up the app on your iPad or use the universal remote control to pick the right temperature for your media room, lower the shades to reduce glare on the screen, and change the volume to the appropriate level. With our help, you’ll be having fun watching your favorite programs and playing games in a media room that can be used for every occasion.

Are you interested in a media room installation? We can help you customize your home to meet your exact needs. To get started, send us a message online.

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