Interact With Visitors and Staff with Intercoms and Paging Systems

Add Commercial Audio Video Solutions to Your Irvine Business

With so many different intercom and paging systems on the market, you may wonder which one fits your company’s unique needs. Surreal Systems can design commercial audio video solutions that help streamline your communication with staff and visitors. You may be surprised how high-tech, useful, and easy-to-use intercom systems have become in recent years. Continue reading to learn more.  

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HD Intercoms

Add intercom technology to your business and you’ll be able to communicate with employees and guests at all times. You can tie it in with your security and surveillance system for added protection. We’ll install an HD surveillance camera at the front, an intercom station, and entry system to easily let people in and out of your building. High-profile businesses and government buildings require the most secure environments, and intercoms allow your staff to screen visitors efficiently. You’ll be able to clearly see and hear visitors before you let them in. Recording video throughout the day adds another layer of additional security.

Paging Systems

Paging systems allow you to easily contact work colleagues for a meeting and have access to your staff at your fingertips. Call a group of intercom devices to invite your whole team to a meeting and easily manage your groups. Call from one office to another using a touch screen or third-party app on a mobile device.

Entry Systems, Door Locks, and Remote Access

Many businesses today take extra precautions to protect their investments by including smart door locks, entry systems, and mobile controls in their building. Give special cards or codes to employees to make getting in and out of work quick and secure.

You can change door lock codes at a moment’s notice and even open and close entry ways with your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. You’ll know if a door has been left unlocked with email or text alerts, and then be able to lock them instantly with your phone. Does your business have a gate? Add an intercom and entry system to it for added protection and screening capabilities. You’ll be able to see who is at the gate, talk to them and open the lock with easy-to-use controls.

To enhance your business with these commercial audio video solutions, fill out this online form. We’d love to help you simplify communications and keep your company safe.  

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