How to Use High-Definition Screens in Your Restaurant

How to Use High-Definition Screen to Increase Restaurant Profits?

The Benefits Extend Beyond Traditional Sports Bars

With the restaurant industry booming in California, managers are always seeking new ways to get an edge on the competition. Increasingly, they’re looking to technology for the answers. As we’ve written about before, the right music can have a significant impact on your business. Our commercial audio video systems also let you manage content easily on screens throughout your space with the device of your choice. With that in mind, we highlight some ways you can take advantage of these AV solutions in your Anaheim Hills, CA restaurant.

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Enhance Your Menu Displays 

If you have diners coming up to the counter to order, you should be using digital displays to showcase your menu. Not only will this create a more engaging experience for customers, but it can also make work easier on your employees. They can adjust prices or add new products in a matter of seconds. If you have multiple screens, use one to showcase photos of your signature dishes to entice customers into buying them. 

Use Entertainment to Make People Stay

Ultimately, the primary role for televisions in many environments will be entertainment. You can have patrons stay longer—and in turn spend more money—if they’re engaging with your content. While the most popular way to use TVs for entertainment is sports, there are a variety of other uses. You can use them for karaoke, movies, music videos and more.

Encourage visitors by latching on to your local teams. Create special promotions for when the Lakers, Angels, Rams, or Ducks are playing. If you can build up loyalty from local fans, it’ll ensure that you have a regular stream of customers throughout the year. Invest in dynamic, high-definition displays that will make people watch the game at your restaurant instead of the one across the street.

 Final Tips for Optimizing Your Screens

  • Save money by scheduling all screens to turn off at closing time. This way there’s no risk of them being left on overnight and staff don’t have to waste valuable time performing the task.
  • With our commercial AV systems, it’s easy to switch out content on your screens. Take advantage of that. Don’t let them get stagnant with the same three photos or by staying on a channel hours after a game has ended.
  • Opt for third-party support—like Surreal Systems’ maintenance plans—to keep your equipment running smoothly. We do regular tune-ups to make sure equipment is up and running, so you don’t turn off customers by having black screens or grainy image

Enhance efficiency and profits by taking advantage of our commercial AV solutions. To bring easy-to-manage high-definition screens to your restaurant call us at 714-779-9900 or contact us online.

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