How to Update Your Professional Office with Commercial Audio Video and Automation

Providing the best office environment for your employees or coworkers is essential to creating both a fun and productive workplace. You want your team to look forward to coming to work every day, and believe it or not, commercial audio video and automation can help with that. Surreal Systems has years of experience updating professional offices in Villa Park, California with the newest technology, like conference room systems and multi-room audio. Read on to learn more about how these systems can enhance your business.

Multi-Room Audio

Music can be energizing, revitalizing, and engaging. So why not install speakers in the ceilings and walls at the office so that your employees can enjoy listening to some tunes and help speed up their workday? We can even create different zones of audio so that the executive offices, common areas, and general work spaces can each select their own music station. Our music systems can connect with the most popular music streaming sources, like Pandora, XM Radio, and TIDAL, so you can listen to new music all day long. Everyone can have easy access to the controls, via a tablet or in-wall touch screen. People can swipe through channels and select playlists and adjust the volume.  The only thing you’ll have to worry about are office pranks! You could even create a schedule so that everyone in the workplace gets their own music day. Monday is rock n roll, Tuesday is blues-day, and Friday is the party station.

Video Conferencing Systems

Video conferencing systems help streamline meetings. We can create an all-in-one button so that all you have to hit is “start meeting” on the table top and the entire room sets a scene. The lights come on, the solar shades come down, the screen lowers, and the computer and phone systems turn on in case you need to conference call someone in. We could also program “presentation mode”, “conference call” or even something more unique, like “brainstorm” – and then use a smart board to record your notes. We’ll ensure your connection is always strong and clear with our Wi-Fi network services. An HD or 4K smart TV could also be used for PowerPoint presentations or to show commercials or promotions for review. Our team will make sure that your smart boardroom meets all of your working needs.

Complete Automated Systems

Many modern offices have music systems, video conferencing, and security and surveillance, but they don’t have a smart system to tie it all together. The beauty of automation for commercial spaces is that you can save money and energy, as well as increase productivity. Motorized shades help control the temperature without putting pressure on the HVAC system, lighting controls ensure that lights aren’t left on when no one is in the room, and security systems help protect your valuables and provide materials for insurance claims in case anything bad happens. We can install control panels in convenient locations, like the front door, an executive office, or the kitchen area so that you have multiple places of access. You will also be able to control all of the features in the office using a smartphone too. So if you’re out of the office on vacation or at a conference, you can easily check in to see how operations are going.

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