How to Optimize Your Home Theater or Media Room for Every Sports Season

We are inching closer and closer every day to Super Bowl 50. Even if you aren’t a huge football fan, chances are you are going to be entertaining some guests—or will be going over someone else’s place in the Villa Park area for a party. In any case, there are some ways you can be prepared for the big game, and for every sports season all year round. Whether you are a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Diego Chargers, or the San Francisco Giants, we have the perfect custom home theater and media room system for you and your family.

HFR, UHD, and OLED: What matters for the sports enthusiast?

There has been a lot of hype and critical discussion surrounding 4K technology. With 8.3 million pixels, high contrast, and more shades of colors than ever before it makes sense so many people are rushing to get Ultra High Definition TVs. But there is one overlooked aspect of video displays you want to make sure you pay attention to as it relates to enjoying sports—HFR.

HFR stands for high frame rate. Why is that important for a sports fan? The frame rate is all about motion. Have you ever watched an HD movie and noticed that the picture lags whenever fast movements happen? One of the limitations of HD is motion lag, which is when slow camera movements are blurry and look jerky.

Movies are usually shot at 24 frames per second (fps) to produce a special depth to the image and capture the difference between the shadows and lights. Right now, sports are being shot and played in 60 fps to flatten out the plane and capture movement with amazing detail. One of the best parts of UHD technology is that higher resolutions allow for higher frame rates. So when you upgrade to a 4K set, sports can be broadcast in HFR far above 100hz. This transforms your home theater or media room into the ultimate game-watching man cave.

HFR almost entirely eliminates the problem of motion lag, making all the movements crisp, clear and detailed. With the newest home theater system, including a large, 4K flat-screen TV, you’ll be able to see every football play in perfect detail.

Projectors, Screens, and TVs: Which one do I choose?

Confused about the best choice of video equipment for your living room entertainment system to delight friends and family in your home. When you hire Surreal Systems, we will assist you with the many options for optimizing your sports-watching experience.

Projectors:Sony is known for developing the BEST projectors in the home theater industry. Currently, they have the only true 4K projector on the market. Depending on your budget, you could go all out and get the new LSPX-W1S 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, or a high-quality HD projector which will still produce incredible images. Projectors produce bigger images and are ideal for dedicated rooms to use for custom home theaters, or even large living rooms or basements. You’ll want to invest in a good projector over a TV when you want a huge image for a large space or secluded room.

TVs:TVs are a good choice when you want to watch sports in a lot of different places, like outside on the patio, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, or the living room. We could also install multiple TVs alongside each other to create a video display that allows you to watch different games and sports talk shows at the same time or play sports video games in a multi-player mode.

Screens:If you choose a projector, then you need a screen to go along with it. For areas exposed to windows, you can go with Screen innovations’ Black Diamond screen which can be viewed in direct sunlight without massive color distortion. You can keep the windows open and still enjoy Sunday afternoon football games, or sip a beer out on the patio by the pool and watch the Dodgers in the spring. Our team can also hide your screen and projector when they are not in use so it doesn’t disrupt your home’s décor. Hit a button, and the projector and screen appears in seconds.

Are you ready for some football? Contact us today to upgrade your California home theater or media room so you can enjoy every sports season in luxury.No video selected.

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