How to Optimize the Audio in Your Bar or Restaurant

Create the Right Ambience with a Commercial Audio Video Solution

When designing a bar or restaurant, it’s all about creating the ultimate outing for your guests. A lot of thought goes into crafting the right menu, cocktails and theme to make your business stand out in Orange, CA. The final touch is adding the right ambiance through distributed audio or video. Even if you don’t have a sports bar with TVs scattered all over the place, your business can still benefit from a commercial audio video solution that makes it easy to create the right ambiance for guests. 

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Start Strong with a Professional Installation              

Relying on a few speakers mounted on the wall and a retail AV receiver is not going to cut it in a professional environment. You want to upgrade to a commercial-grade amplifier that can handle the load. We can also help you find the best speakers for your space –whether they’re in-ceiling, pendant or mounted on the wall—and the best location for them in order to give your bar or restaurant evenly distributed sound. Another benefit of a professional installation is that all AV gear is hidden away so it doesn’t detract from your décor.

Choose Your Preferred Control Option

The most important part of your installation is finding the right control solution. This is the aspect of your system that is going to make a difference on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important that you work with your AV installer to find the option that makes the most sense. You can forget about having to deal with multiple remotes, confused as to which corresponds to a specific speaker or television.

With smart control of your commercial audio video system, all of your speakers can be managed from one central user interface. For example, you can control the entertainment from the same tablet you use to save reservations or process checks. In smaller spaces, it may make more sense to have simple volume control from switches on the wall that you can access quickly when needed. With a variety of options, it’s easier to find one that best fits your space. 

Divide Your System into Zones

One of the mistakes we often see in restaurants or bars is owners going for one-size-fits-all solutions. Unless you’re running a small bistro, oftentimes it’s better to be able to divide your audio into zones that you can adjust independently.

How can you use this in your space? One common example is the difference between indoor and outdoor dining. You’ll likely need to raise the volume on the speakers outside. This setup makes it easy to have areas at two different volumes without needing two different control devices to manage them. 

In some situations, you may even want to have different content playing throughout your restaurant. Have the audio from the football game playing loudly by the bar while background music plays softly in the dining area. Having distinct audio zones allows you to easily choose a different channel for each set of speakers and adjust the volume accordingly.

With control in the palm of your hand, it’s easier than ever to create the perfect ambiance for guests. Want to make it easier than ever to manage the audio in your bar or restaurant with a commercial audio video solution?

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