How to Maintain and Repair Your Smart Home

Installing smart home automation is a big investment. The benefit, besides enjoying the convenience and simplicity of one-touch controls, is that you add value to your property and increase its listing price. So how do you protect your investment? And how do you keep your smart home in the Villa Park, California area working in tip-top shape? Surreal Systems offers an award-winning system care and monitoring plan, called ProFormance Plans, to keep your smart home functioning at peak performance. Read on to discover all the details.

Just like you need to change the oil and perform routine maintenance on a car, you need a professional to help maintain your smart home automation system, and do any repairs if needed. With the right tools and system monitoring, you will increase the longevity of your system and enhance your experience. Our ProFormance Plans are designed to protect your investment and keep your system at its best for years to come.

We have three levels of monitoring, maintenance, and service. 

ProFormance Standard

This includes basic system monitoring, 120 days of extended labor warranty, preferred priority service, one hour of annual onsite preventative maintenance, and a 10% service labor discount. 

ProFormance Plus

The second tier has extended system monitoring, 150 days of extended labor warranty, preferred priority service, two hours of annual onsite preventative maintenance, a 15% service labor discount, two hours of service included, and a 5% equipment upgrade discount. 

ProFormance Premium

Lastly, ProFormance Premium has robust system monitoring, 180 days of extended labor warranty, preferred priority service, four hours of annual onsite preventative maintenance, a 25% labor discount, four hours of included service, and a 10% equipment upgrade discount. 

We don’t anticipate our customers having many repairs. We pride ourselves on providing the best installations and service in Southern California. However, if anything does break unexpectedly, a part needs to be replaced, or years down the road you need a system upgrade, we’ll be there ready to serve any and all your needs. For more details on what exactly is included in the ProFormance plans, or to get started on a smart home installation today, fill out this contact form on our website.

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