How to Get the Most Out of the Holidays with Smart Home Automation

Impress Family and Friends with Intuitive Control of All Your Technology

Ready to fill your Anaheim Hills, California home with the holiday spirit this year? This time around you can take some of the load off with a smart home automation system. From having the most impressive light display on the block to creating the ultimate holiday environment, below we outline some of the ways your smart home can help you create an unforgettable experience for your family and friends.

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Create an Unbelievable Light Display

Through your smart home’s lighting control system, you can take your Christmas light display to a whole new level. From a tablet or smartphone, you can program your lights to turn on and off, change colors, or adjust intensity at given intervals. For Hanukah displays, schedule your outdoor menorah to turn on an additional light every night. With a little help from your whole house music system, you can also synch up lights and audio. Lights can even respond to motion sensors, so displays light up as people walk past them.

Wake Up to the Christmas Spirit

Make Christmas morning memorable for more than just the gifts. Through your smart home automation system, you can create “Wake Up” scenes that switch on lights, open shades and turn on music when it’s time to get up. Give these scene a makeover for Christmas morning—play Christmas carols instead of your typical morning playlist and switch light hues to red and green.

Keep the Music Going at All Times
When is it acceptable to start playing Christmas carols all day? Your multi-room music system makes it easy for you to choose the right time. With just a few taps on your dedicated touchpad or smartphone, you can have “White Christmas” and “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” playing in every room. You can also create distinct audio zones to have different songs in different rooms for the Grinches in the family that want nothing to do with the Holiday classics.

Create the Right Holiday Ambience

Once you have your holiday playlist going, it’s time to get the rest of your home technology in the holiday spirit. You can adjust lighting to just the proper intensity to open gifts, host friends, or have dinner with the family. Even in California, nothing says Christmas like sitting in front of a cozy fire. You can use your preferred smart home device to turn on the fireplace and adjust the flame to your desired strength.

Gather Round the Television

Television plays a big part during the holidays, whether it’s watching the Macy’s Day Parade or It’s a Wonderful Life. With smart control of all your technology, it’s easier to create the perfect viewing environment in your private theater or media room. From a tablet or touchpad, you can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and choose what you want to watch. If you expect more guests to arrive, you don’t have to leave the couch to let them in. Incorporate your security and surveillance system so that you can unlock the front door remotely.

As fun as the holidays can be, they can also put a lot of stress on your household. Let your smart home help with a custom solution that gives you intuitive control of all of your technology.

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