How to Entertain With Ease with Whole House Music

Bring Family and Friends Together With the Right Soundtrack

No party or get together is complete without a little music to set the ambiance. Depending on the type of event you’re hosting in your Anaheim Hills, CA home, you’re going to need an entirely different set of music that fits the tone. The cookout in the backyard may benefit from some rock classics while a late-night dinner with close friends may be better-suited for soft jazz. Having a whole house music system makes it easy for you to create a pre-set playlist or to take on requests as the night progresses.

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Find the Perfect Playlist

Every great host knows that you need the right music foundation to get started. With a whole house music system, it’s easy to find exactly what you want. From a touchpad, tablet or smartphone you can access a variety of sources: streaming, turntables, CD players, media libraries, and more. For Christmas dinner, link your in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to your turntable to play classic Christmas albums. If you’re having a lot of friends over for New Year’s Eve, link to a Pandora station counting down the top hits from 2016.

Schedule Different Music

With smart control, you can program your playlists to come on at a particular time. Have a calm, inviting playlist that encourages conversation start at 7 p.m. when guests are first arriving. At 8 p.m., schedule the volume to go down while you have dinner. At around 10 p.m., you can transition to dance music for the post-dinner festivities. You can also schedule a switch to TV audio if you want to make sure you catch the start of the College Football Playoffs or the New Years’ ball dropping.

Make Adjustments Quickly

The right foundation will get you far, but being responsive is also important. If any of your guests want to play a specific song or adjust the volume, it’s easy for you to make changes from a touchpad or even your smartphone. With access to a variety of sources, you’re sure to find even the most obscure requests that your friends or family may have in mind.

You can also make changes to other rooms without having to be there physically. If you notice the whole party has migrated indoors as the temperature cools down, pull up your smartphone to turn off the music that was playing on the patio.

Finding the Right Audio Settings

Having great control of your music won’t mean much if it’s too loud or low for guests to enjoy. For one, you can save your preferred audio settings. Figure out which volume makes the most sense in each area of your home and save it into your system. Next time you pull up a playlist, it’s at the desired volume right away.

Audio quality doesn’t have to do with just adjusting the volume, though. You also need a professional installation to make sure speakers are properly placed to get evenly distributed sound. This way you don’t end up with random corners in your living room or patio where the music is too loud.

Want to host the ultimate party this holiday season? We can help you by installing a whole house music system that will keep guests entertained all night.

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