How to Create the Perfect Environment to Enjoy Football Season

Home Theater Setup for Ultimate Football Watching Experience

Create the Ultimate Viewing Experience with the Right Home Theater Setup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas. It’s the return of football season! Whether you want to see if USC can pull off a title run or want to see the Raiders and Chargers represent LA, it’s time to bunker down in front of the television all weekend long. So why not set up the perfect viewing experience in your Orange County, CA home? Below we highlight some ways you can get the most out of football season with a media room or home theater setup. All that’s left for you to do is bring the snacks and drinks!

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Embrace the Latest Audio/Video Technology

It may sound like blasphemy, but most football fans will admit that you can enjoy the action better on TV than at the stadium. Start by investing in a large 4K Ultra HD flat screen or projector so you can get the most dynamic, realistic images possible. Not only will it feel like you’re right on the field with the players, but you’ll also be able to tell the millimeter difference between a player being inbounds and a football crossing the goal line.

The one thing going for the stadium experience is the crowd environment. You can recreate some of that ambiance by installing a Dolby Atmos surround sound system. You’ll not only be able to hear the thud of every tackle but listen to crowd noise surrounding you from all sides. You’ll feel like you’re in the stadium without having to deal with the heat or bad view.

Keep Up With All of the Action with Multiple Screens 

The best thing about the condensed football season is that there’s always a lot of games to watch, so if one starts getting a little boring, you can quickly switch over to another. We can set you up with a home theater that has multiple screens, a bigger one for the main game and smaller ones so you can keep up with others that interest you. Through our intuitive control interfaces and remotes, it’s easy for you to switch out the games and volume so you can follow the ones that turn out to be the most interesting.

Get Rid of the Glare with Motorized Window Shades 

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to being an NFL fan in the West Coast. The sun is usually out in full force through most of the games. Even worse, by the time the primetime marquee games come around, you’re stuck dealing with the setting sun which can cause even more glare. As part of your installation, we can include motorized shades that automatically close when hit by direct sunlight. This way, you won’t miss a crucial first down because all you saw was the sun’s reflection on your screen.

Add a Little Bit of Sound Proofing to the Room 

Between the sounds of the game and the loud cheers (or protests) from your viewing party, there’s going to be a lot of noise in your theater. As part of your home setup, there are a few ways that you can sound proof the room, so the noise doesn’t get too overwhelming. We work with you to create the perfect acoustics by reinforcing the drywall and eliminating hard, reflective surfaces. 

Enjoy football season in style with a custom theater setup in your Orange County home. To get started, you can call us at (714) 779-9900 or contact us online.

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