Home Theater System Secrets Part 1

A Professional’s Tips for Designing a Custom Home Theater

When you hire a custom integrator to complete a project for you, you may simply trust them wholeheartedly and allow them to make the big or small decisions for you. But here at Surreal Systems, we like to educate our customers on all of their options and be transparent about everything the technology is capable of. When you invest in a custom home theater from Surreal Systems, we want you to feel satisfied and informed during every stage of the process. Here is part 1 of our secrets for ensuring you get the most out of your home theater.  

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Pick the Right Location

Perhaps you have a beach house right on the ocean in Newport Beach, CA, or you live in a little more inland in Coto De Caza, CA. Either way, you need to pick the right room for your home theater. Of course, if you are building a new home you can construct the perfect space from scratch and tailor it to your exact preferences. But for those who are renovating a space, it’s important to make sure your room has all of the requirements for an exceptional experience. Here are a few items to consider:

  1. Ceiling & Walls 
    Did you know that your walls and ceiling have a big impact on the sound quality in your home theater? The materials used to construct your walls and ceiling will determine the amount of sound absorption or reflection it has, which will either make or break the sound experience. We can also add acoustical treatments to ensure the sound is perfect. The speaker placement in the room is critical. Because of this, the framing of the walls and ceilings must be designed and installed to accommodate specific speaker locations. This is all part of our home theater design services.
  2. Windows
    Do you have a bright beach house that lets in a lot of sunlight? The best space for a home theater actually blocks out all of the light. It’s best to pick a room without a lot of windows and doors. However, if you do have windows, we can install blackout motorized shades or even help you hire a contractor to make the adjustment.
  3. Floors
    All of the surfaces in your room need to be made of the right materials, including the floor. Hardwood floors or tiles aren’t the best choice because they will make the sound reverberate and cause distortion. Carpet is a simple solution to help absorb the sound so that your ears hear crystal clear sound from your system.

We are experts in home theater and media room design and implementation, and can work with you, your contractor and interior designer to specify the best materials, lighting, seating and of course audio video equipment to give you a surreal experience.

If you have any questions, simply contact us online or give us a call at 714-779-9900

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