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Protect Your Family With Access at Home or On the Go

As new security and surveillance technology becomes available, the primary focus is finding better ways to protect your home and family. Newer cameras offer Ultra HD images and traditional locks have been replaced by smart locks that can be managed through user codes or even fingerprints. Designing a successful security system also involves making it more user-friendly. Control4 does this by giving you access on your smartphone, where you likely spent most of your time already. In this blog we go over some of the coolest things you can do with a smart security app for your Anaheim Hills, CA home. 

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Forget About Leaving a Key Under the Mat

Do you want a simple way to let people into your home when you’re not there? In the past this meant having to leave a key under the mat or making copies that could fall into the wrong hands. Managing who comes in and out of your home is a lot easier with a smart security app. Receive a notification as soon as someone arrives at your front door, then use your smartphone to unlock the door and disarm the security system.

Another way to grant access to your home is through unique access codes. If you have a babysitter, dog walker or landscaper that comes to your property often, they can get a unique code so you don’t have to open the door every time. From your app, you can check a log that lets you know when codes where used to ensure employees arrived at the scheduled time.

Look in on Your Live Surveillance Footage

Wondering what’s going on in your home when you’re not there? Why not pull up your app to find out? Watch any room you want from your smartphone while you’re at work. This feature is great during the holiday season when many of our clients like to go on long vacations. We know it can be stressful to leave your home behind; this security app gives you a chance to stay connected no matter where you are. With smart security cameras you can even zoom in and pan around the room to get a better look. 

Check in on All Your Locks and Alarms

We’ve all experienced that late-night panic. You lay down in bed under the cozy sheets and then your brain goes into overdrive. Did I set the alarm? Did I lock the front door? You then find yourself groggily making the tour throughout the house to make sure everything is okay. With your mobile app, you can pull up your phone to check the house and make the necessary changes without leaving your bed.

Since your mobile app gives you access no matter where you are, you can do the same whenever you leave the house. When you’re running late in the morning, there’s no time to drive back once you realize the front door wasn’t locked. Once you make it to your destination, simply pull up your phone to lock the door remotely.

Want to enjoy the benefits an app that lets you manage your security and surveillance? Contact Surreal Systems for a custom solution for your home.

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