Expand Your Brand With Commercial Audio Video

Draw new foot traffic into your store or restaurant this winter with advanced commercial audio video solutions. Capture the eyes, ears and imaginations of potential customers with distributed media and digital signage. With just one touch you can transform the look and feel of your business whether you want to offer new deals, change a playlist or simply create the right ambiance for customers’ shopping and dining pleasure. Read on to find out how smart automation can enhance your business.

Define Yourself With Digital Signage 

A big part of the way your business is perceived is based on your signage. Whether it’s your logo, the pricing or even the font you use, signage tells customers what they need to know.  One thing you want to avoid telling your customers is that your business is static, slow-moving or behind-the-times. The solution is simple: dynamic digital signage.

Digital signage is the perfect way to grab the attention of potential customers of your shop or restaurant, and you can change it in an instant. Preparing a sale on specific items in your boutique? Why not highlight each of them with their own signs, and rotate them throughout the day. Want to feature different specials on menu items throughout the day? Change prices on your digital menus with a few simple commands on your tablet or smart phone.

Create Ambiance With Distributed Audio

It’s a proven fact: the right music stimulates customers’ desire to spend money. So why not take advantage of this idea by creating an elegant distributed audio arrangement throughout your commercial space.

If you’re running a fashionable boutique, stream the latest hits from Spotify or Tidal while customers browse your merchandise. Show them you’re in tune with the times by selecting a playlist that reflects their taste.

In a restaurant or bar, the soundtrack is even more essential. Choose one that encourages customers to buy another drink, or stay for dessert – one that brings on conversation but doesn’t overwhelm it.

How can this be done? Expertly placed speakers throughout the space offer crisp, clear sound that doesn’t have to be played too loudly to be enjoyed. Whether you want speakers that offer the sharpest sound available, or you’re interested in preserving the style of your space with nearly invisible, in-wall components, the perfect sound system is available for your business. You don’t have to worry about clutter either, because AV components can be stored in a closet or utility room and accessed remotely.

Grab Attention With Distributed Video

Of course, when a customer steps through the door, your job isn’t done until the register is full. Continue to give your customers a reason to shop with distributed video.

In a small shop, why not run short videos that highlight specific products, deals and areas of your sales-floor. Drawing attention to your newest products is sometimes all it takes to close a sale. For more complex items, like electronics, why not offer brief tutorials to show everyone how easy they are to use. If you offer services like training classes, let your customers know via video monitors.

Love the idea of commercial audio video in your Anaheim business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help yours grow!  

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