Enhance Your Irvine Home Theater with Automation

Use Custom Controls to Spice up Your Home Entertainment

If you love movies, TV shows, or video games, then you’ve most likely invested in a high-quality TV or projector in your home theater. Once you have the audio and video sorted out in your Irvine, California home, you may very well be satisfied with the beautiful picture and incredible sound quality. However, is your custom home theater just right yet? Top-notch surround sound systems and 4K video aren’t the only ingredients in the perfect home theater recipe. Smart, custom controls and automation create that additional “wow” factor in your private cinema. Plus, they make selecting a show so much easier – and fun too. Continue reading to learn more.

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Endless Capabilities for Customization

In order to get the full automation experience in your dedicated theater, you need to add superior control to every feature – like the lights, shades and thermostat to start. A smart home system, like Control4, will tie all of these elements together to create sequences you can start with the touch of a button. Picture this, on a Friday night after a long day’s work, you decide you want to relax with a new movie you’ve been itching to see. Earlier you downloaded the 4K film on your Kaleidescape movie server and now it’s ready to go in your library. You walk into your theater and sit down in your comfy leather recliner and pick up your tablet. Open the Control4 app on the home screen and select “TGIF”. Suddenly this saved scene you created will lower the shades, dim the lights, set the thermostat to a comfortable 74 degrees and turn on your projector, screen and speakers. Select your film and then you’re all set to chill for the evening. You can create any scene by selecting lighting levels, thermostat settings and movie selections. Pick a name, like “Sunday Football” and your theater will transform to your personal liking in an instant. Too bad there isn’t an automated popcorn machine we could loop in, but we’re sure it’s on the way.

Unique, but diverse control options

Control4 offers a variety of control devices, including a smart remote, touchscreen, and an app you can download onto any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Keep your remote on a piece of furniture, mount your iPad onto a docking station on the wall, or just use your phone. We recommend you pick the device that fits your lifestyle best. Here are a few features of each one.

Smart Remote: All of your favorite channels and entertainment sources can be easily accessed with the Control4 smart remote. Save your favorites and display them on the remote screen, like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Fire. Control the room’s lighting, shading, speakers and more with this handheld device that is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to operate.

Control4 Touchpad: Use Control4’s exclusive touchpad to access every feature in your home, like the security system, HD intercom, lights, shades, and more. It’s light, mobile so you can move it anywhere in the house, and comes in fun colors, like bold red.

Personal Mobile Devices: We use our phones for everything today, from scheduling work meetings to planning out tonight’s dinner. Keep all of your controls and apps in one place by using a smartphone and the Contorl4 app. Download it onto your device and select any feature you’d like to adjust. A tablet can also be used for those who want a bigger screen to swipe through.

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