Embrace the Mobile Workforce with Smart Video Conferencing Technology

Enhance Workforce Collaboration with Video Conferencing System

Invest in a Custom-Tailored Commercial Audio Video Solution

With the advancement of smart technology, the workforce has become more mobile than ever. A recent study by Forrester Consulting found that 60 percent of employees reported working from home at least one day a week while 64 percent of them said they typically had to interact with people working in another company office. With this new reality in mind, companies have had to embrace commercial audio and video strategies that make it easy to collaborate without being at the same physical location.

In that same Forrester Consulting study, 25 percent of participants felt they didn’t have the adequate tools to deal efficiently with remote employees. Among the proposed solutions was the need for video conferencing technology that makes it easier to create digital workplaces. With that in mind, we’d like to highlight some of the ways a professional commercial AV system can enhance your Tustin, CA office.

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Centralized Control

Whenever someone needs to use your conference room to interact with a client or remote employee, make sure it’s easy for them to deal with the technology in the room. With a professional AV solution, you can control everything –from your display to your shades—from one dedicated touchpad. You can even have pre-set scenes, so at the press of a single button the room is ready to conduct a video conference.

With commercial audio video, you can encourage communication between employees and create great first impressions with new clients. Below we highlight some of the ways a professional installation can enhance your video conferencing:

  • Using the Proper Equipment: From the start we work with you to find the right speakers, displays, and microphones for the job. We take into account your style preferences and space limitations when figuring out which models make the most sense. For example, we can use discreet speakers from Crown and JBL that blend into your walls and ceilings, so you get high-quality audio without ruining the room aesthetics.
  • Proper Placement of Equipment: The second step is placing all the equipment where it belongs. Speakers and microphones are evenly spaced out so everyone in the room can hear what’s happening and be heard when they need to speak. Cameras offer a view of the entire room while zooming capabilities let you focus on specific members of the team.
  • Allow for Quick Adjustments: All these components are easily managed from a dedicated touchpad or employee smartphone. If a camera needs to be moved to focus on a new speaker, you can do that quickly and efficiently. If you need to adjust the volume or switch a slide, you can do it from the same device.

If you’re interested in upgrading your video conferencing system or want to learn more about how you could use commercial AV solutions in your business, you can fill out our online contact form or call us at (714) 779-9900.

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