Back to School Tech Tips: 3 Ways a Smart Home Helps

Get Organized with Smart Home Automation in Orange Park Acres

Back to School week can be a hectic time. Parents are usually running around gathering school supplies for their kids and organizing the house, while college kids or grad students are preparing themselves for another grueling year of study. Whether you are attending class or raising kids who are, smart home automation can help you get organized and get back to school smoothly. The best part about having a smart home in the Orange Park Acres area is that you can customize the system for every need – and back to school is no exception. Continue reading to discover our tech tips.

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Tech Tip #1: Use a Wake-up Scene

After sleeping in all summer, it can be hard for kids to get back on schedule in the morning. Use your Control4 or Savant smart home system to get them up quickly and on time without the hassle. Schedule the audio system to turn on some fun songs at 7 a.m. to get them moving and turn on their bedroom lights at the same time. If you have a little one, choose some songs from Sesame Street, and if you have a teen have their bedroom set to their favorite pop star singer. Each room can be customized to their particular needs. You can also gradually raise the volume of the music so it doesn’t scare them when they wake. The shades in the house will all rise to let in the morning sun too. If the kids aren’t ready to go and downstairs by 7:30, hit a “hurry” button on your phone to make their bedroom lights flash to alert them that it’s almost time to leave for school. With an intercom system, you can also call in upstairs and tell them they have 5 minutes to move it or else!

Tech Tip #2: Create Your Own After School Program

Back to school means it’s back to the daily grind with after school activities and homework. To get your family into a daily routine, make an after-school scene that helps everyone keep to the plan and meet daily goals. As soon as your kids walk in the door, the lights turn on, the security system disarms, but the TV stays off! It’s homework time. Create parental settings in your home theater system so they can’t turn on their shows until they’re done with their assignments. As soon as they’re completed, you can turn on the fun right from your phone. When it’s time for dinner, hit “dinnertime” on your wall keypad, and the lights will flash in the house to let everyone know it’s family time around the table. Whether you are playing with the kids, helping them focus on their school work or getting them ready for bed, your smart home can help keep everyone on schedule.

Tech Tip #3: Keep an Eye Out While You’re Gone

Of course, parents need time alone too. For those nights when you need a date night, or just want to take a trip to the gym, your smart home can help give you peace of mind while you’re away from the kids. Security cameras can watch the kids and monitor them while you’re gone, as well as keep an eye on the nanny to see if she does her job well. You can replay what you missed later on too. You can also monitor your kids’ activities with text message alerts. If they turn the TV on, or play video games, the system will let you know what they are doing.

A smart home automation system can help you manage your daily lifestyle for back to school, or any time of year! We can customize your home for all kinds of needs and activities. Click below to schedule a meeting with us.

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