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How to Install Whole House Audio in Your Irvine Home

Did you know that Sonance outdoor speakers are durable enough to resist the sun’s powerful UV rays and strong enough to block out water and prevent rusting? You can’t just place any speaker outside and expect it to survive every weather condition. That’s why hiring a professional AV installer ensures that your electronics will survive for years to come – no matter how hard that wind blows. Here is an overview on how our outdoor speakers can survive every season.  

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The Landscape Series, Two-way Loudspeaker

The Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) of speakers produces full, evenly dispersed sound in an outdoor environment. This is accomplished by strategically placing loudspeakers around the outdoor area along with powerful subwoofers. The two-way loudspeaker delivers sound at an audiophile quality yet can be hidden in foliage, such as grass, bushes, flowers, trees and etc. Here are a few features that make the SLS two-way speaker weather proof:

  • UV resistant coating
  • Color-molded composite construction won’t chip, peel, or fade over time
  • Rust-proof protective grille
  • Robust construction designed to handle extreme temperatures and conditions

SLS Subwoofers

An outdoor audio system isn’t complete without that additional bass to create a full and deep sound. By installing the SLS subwoofer underground, the audio system is able to produce superior bass while seamlessly blending into the natural landscape and avoiding damage from various weather conditions. Here are a few of its unique features:

  • Hardscape subwoofer designed to be built into patio furniture or planter boxes.
  • Robust construction designed to handle the most extreme conditions.
  • Available in four models to suit any sized space or desired volume level.

Complete Whole House Audio

Not only will all of these speakers connect smoothly to produce a full, even sound in your outdoor spaces, but they can also connect to all of your speakers inside to create a complete whole house audio system. Easily stream your favorite playlists throughout your entire property using a tablet, smartphone, or touch screen device. Select the artist, room, and volume level with an easy-to-use interface which also displays beautiful cover art. With a full smart home system, you can even add on other features to start custom sequences for big parties, or simple family gatherings. For example, customize a scene called “Pool party” and select a playlist, outdoor lighting, and video channels to entertain guests as they arrive. 

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