7 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure While You’re Away

When you live in a smart home, you don’t get to just enjoy the convenience of adjusting your thermostat, lights, and music with your phone. You also get the benefit of having a stronger security and surveillance system. The reason a smarter security system is also a stronger one is because it’s integrated with every electronic device in your home. Your security system communicates with your lights, garage door, thermostat, and more so that your entire property can go on lockdown and also create the appearance someone is home when you’re actually relaxing in The Bahamas on vacation. Here are 7 unique ways to keep your home safe and secure while you’re away using our smart solutions.

1.    Record Every Nook and Cranny with Surveillance Cameras

Today’s surveillance cameras are the most state-of-the-art pieces of technology. They can capture picture in HD, full color, and also complete 360 views and angles so they can’t miss any movements. Our surveillance cameras detect and record movements so that as soon as a stranger enters your property, it alerts you immediately and records and stores the image securely on the cloud.

2.    Receive Updates on Your Phone in Real time

If a door is unlocked, a camera captures footage of the dog getting out, or a window breaks, your security system will alert you immediately by sending you a text message or email. You’ll never be left unaware of what’s going on at home and will be able to respond accordingly to any situation.

3.    Create Mockupancy Settings With a Control System

Using a Savant smart home automation system, you can create scenes that make it seem as if someone is at home when you are actually miles away. The TVs can turn on, music can play, the lights will turn on and off at the usual times, and the shades will go up and down. Macaulay Culkin’s strategy in the movie Home Alone was incredibly smart and can still be used today via amazing modern technology.

4.    Create Codes for Guests with Smart Locks

Instead of hiding or remaking keys, give your guests, mailman, or babysitter a temporary door code to get inside while you are gone. The codes can be changed at any time so your home is always locked and secure.

5.    Integrate Lighting with Security

Lights in conjunction with a loud alarm will quickly scare away intruders. Lights also help make your home appear as if someone is home. Your smart home system can turn on lights inside and outside at specific times of the night to keep strangers away.

6.    Use Motorized Shades to Conceal Your Valuables

Maintain privacy by using motorized shades. Your smart home system will lower shades to conceal your valuables so that suspicious people can’t look inside your property.

7.    Speak to People Using an Intercom and the TrueControl App

With an intercom system, you can speak to people at the door, gate, or guesthouse using the intercom feature of Savant’s TrueControl App. The app allows you to control every feature of your home wirelessly from anywhere in the world.

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