5 Ways to Enhance Your Smart Home Experience

5 Tips to Enhance your Smart Home Experience | Surreal Systems

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Home Automation System

Smart technology has become a must-have component of luxury living. Why settle for old solutions when now you can get intuitive control of your lights, climate, entertainment, security and more in your Tustin, CA home? But to really embrace the new technology, it takes more than simply buying the latest devices. With the tips outlined in this blog, you can upgrade to a custom smart home automation system that has been specifically designed to match your family’s needs and priorities.

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Explore Your Options

One of the reasons smart technology has become so popular is that there’s so much of it now. Major players from a range of industries including Google, Amazon, and even Apple are getting involved in the game. So how can you decide which devices are the right fit? Set up a consultation with the experts at Surreal Systems who will have a thorough conversation with you to find out which technology solutions make the most sense.

Bring It All Together

Once you’ve decided what you want to include, we can help you put all of it under one platform. There’s no need to alternate between different apps or devices to manage lights, watch your surveillance footage, or change the channel on the TV. The best part? You can choose the control option you want to use or a combination of various ones. Access your new smart home automation system through dedicated touchpads, elegant keypads, mobile apps, and even voice commands.

Boost Your Network

Often the biggest issues when designing a smart home installation is that there’s not enough attention paid to the wired and wireless networks. All of these new devices will be communicating through it, so you need to make sure it can handle the load. We can add dual-bandwidth routers to increase capacity, wireless access points to extend the reach of your signal, and security measures to protect your network from hackers.

Go on Autopilot

Smart home automation systems are all about convenience. So why not lay back and let your home do all the work for you? Through scheduled scenes and sensors, the technology can anticipate your needs.

Want to cut down on your energy usage? Occupancy sensors turn lights off in unused rooms. Motorized window shades automatically close during the hottest hours of the day to help the space cool down. Time to get up in the morning? At 7 a.m. the shades open, lights gradually turn on, and music begins playing to help you wake up.

Stay Up-To-Date

Have you ever purchased technology only to find it’s become outdated in just a few years? Don’t worry; our systems are designed to be scalable which means it’s easy to expand and upgrade over time. We’ll even give you recommendations if we see new products that would be ideal for your home. Through our service and maintenance packages, we ensure that all your devices are running up-to-date software so you can enjoy all the latest features.

By working with the experts at Surreal Systems, you can get a smart home experience specifically designed to match your evolving needs. To get started, call us at (714) 779-9900 or fill out our online contact form.

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