5 Awesome Ways to Use Your Outdoor AV this Summer

5 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Audio-Video Systems this Summer

Entertain Friends and Family with One of Our Custom outdoor audio-video Solutions

We’ve gone over the many technicalities involved in great outdoor audio-video systems in previous blogs. We discussed finding the right equipment, designing the proper layout, and doing all the necessary wiring. While it’s important that you know all those things so you can make informed decisions, it’s also important to know the best uses for these systems. With that in mind, below we highlight some of the fun ways you can use your outdoor AV in Tustin, CA or throughout Orange County as you bask in the sun all summer long.

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Prepare the Ultimate Pool Party

With temperatures going into the high 90s, you need to make sure you stay fresh. What better way to do that than by hosting a pool party for family and friends? With our outdoor audio-video systems, you can easily play your favorite playlist through speakers lining the pool. You can even set up a TV poolside and watch music videos, a movie, or the latest Angels game. 

Host a Neighborhood Tailgate

Football is just around the corner, which means it’s time for tailgate season! Create an outdoor kitchen and dining area for the ultimate grill-out to cheer on your favorite NFL and college teams. Your friends can congregate by the grill and watch the game at the same time. With high-performance audio, they don’t miss a second of the action even if they step away from the TV to dip their feet in the pool or take in your beautiful mountain view. 

Have a Movie Date Under the Stars

As part of your outdoor AV installation, we can set up a theater in your backyard or patio so you can enjoy a movie in the fresh air. It’s a great way to spend time with the family this summer and is perfect for a unique date night. Create a drive-in experience in your backyard with a bottle of wine and some snacks and put on the movie you watched on your first date. 

Relax After a Long Work Day

Your outdoor activities don’t have to be reserved for special occasions. We all know the healing effects of the warm California air and a beautiful sunset. If you’ve had a tough day at work, what better way to finish it off than with a drink on your patio? Lay back and listen to a pre-set playlist featuring your favorite artists so you can let go and relax once you’ve made it home. 

Create an Outdoor Game Day 

Worried about your kids staying in all day playing video games? Get them to run around a bit with a unique sports day. Play some football, baseball, or set up special challenges that the entire family can compete in. To get a real party atmosphere going and to encourage participation, get an upbeat playlist going through your backyard’s landscape speakers to keep the energy going throughout the day. 

These are just some of the ways you can take advantage of our outdoor audio-video systems this summer. Got some better ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments! If you want to learn more about our outdoor AV solutions, you can fill out this online form or call Surreal Systems at (714) 779-9900.

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