4 Ways Your Smart Home Helps With Your New Years’ Resolutions

Stick to Your Goals With a Custom Technology Solution

In order to find success with your 2017 New year resolutions—whether it’s a smaller waistline or bigger travel plans—you need to come up with the right support system to make sure you accomplish your goals. Statistic Brain found in a recent study that on average only 8 percent of people stick to their resolutions. Smart home automation can be a great tool when it comes to staying committed. Having the right technology in your Anaheim Hills, CA home can help in the following ways.

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Spend More Time With Family

A home automation system gives you intuitive control of your climate, lighting, and entertainment. This in turns makes it easy for you to create unique environments to bond with family. For example, why not have an all-day movie marathon together? From your smartphone, you can turn down the blackout shades, dim the lights, and choose a movie. We know the biggest challenge sometimes can be finding something the entire family will enjoy. From your user interface, it’s simple to switch between your streaming services and Blu-ray player to find what you want.

Become More Organized

Your smart home can be a great tool when you’re trying to stick to a schedule. Instead of having to manually adjust your lighting, security, or climate, these changes can be programmed into your system. Take a typical morning for example. Schedule lights to turn on and shades to open when it’s time to get out of bed. Let your home know when you’ll usually be leaving for work, and it can lock the doors and put the thermostat into an energy-saving mode at the same time every day, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Travel More Often

With many of our clients, money is not an issue when it comes to traveling. The biggest worry is leaving their home, family, or pets behind. Here is where a smart security and surveillance system can help. You can look in on surveillance footage at any time; it’s also easier to provide access to a pet sitter or housekeeper. Either give them a unique access code or receive a notification when they’re at the front door. You can then use your smartphone to let them in remotely.

You can even create vacation settings within your home automation system to make it seem like you’re still there while on vacation. Lights and TVs are scheduled to turn on and off at random intervals, as are your motorized shades. This way there’s less risk of a potential break-in when you leave the house unattended for extended periods of time.

Get in Better Shape

With smart control of all your technology, it’s easy for you to create the perfect workout atmosphere. From your smartphone, you can lower the thermostat and pull up your favorite playlist when it’s time to burn some calories. Schedule workouts into your smart home for added structure. Say you plan on working out at 6 p.m. every day. Have your exercise playlist begin playing through your multi-room audio system when it’s time to work out, so if you’re still sitting on your couch you know to head over to the gym.

Make sure you set yourself up for success in 2017 with a smart home automation system that has your back every step of the way. We can create a custom solution with your unique needs in mind.

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