4 Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor AV System

Turn Your Home into the Ultimate Destination Spot this Summer

In our previous blog, we discussed the basics of a successful outdoor audio video system: finding the ideal location and investing in the right speakers, TVs, and cables. Now it’s time to talk about the features that can help your outdoor AV go from basic to luxury. The experts at Surreal Systems make it easy to access all your favorite entertainment, protect your equipment and keep the party going late into the night. Below are some must-have features for your Orange Park Acres, California home.

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Protect Your Equipment and Your Décor

During your installation, we can help you hide your equipment, not only to improve the décor of your outdoor spaces but to help your components last even longer. TVs, projectors, and screens can be placed on specialized mounts, so they disappear into cabinets or niches in the ceiling when not in use. Use Sonarray speakers from Sonance that blend into your landscaping and place your subwoofers underground to keep them hidden from view.

Choose the Control Option of Your Choice

Once your outdoor AV system is in place, how do you want to control it? We can give you access to all your favorite sources –Blu-ray, Cable Box, Media Server, and streaming services—on the device that makes the most sense to you. All outdoor audio video systems come with waterproof remotes, but control is also available on tablets, smartphones or dedicated touchpads.

Extend the Reach of Your Wi-Fi Network

To get the most out of your outdoor AV system, you also need to bolster your Wi-Fi network. This is for two primary reasons. Many of the control options we mentioned in the previous paragraph rely on wireless connections. If your network is not up to par, you’re going to struggle to get your TVs and speakers to work.

With the popularity of audio and video streaming services, you also want to make sure that your favorite albums and shows aren’t interrupted by a lagging network. We can install wireless access points throughout your outdoor spaces to make sure you have a fast, strong, reliable signal throughout.

Incorporate a Stylish Landscape Lighting Design

Once you have an easy, high-quality way to enjoy your favorite movies and music outdoors, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time there. There’s no reason you should have to go inside as soon as it starts getting dark.

Along with your outdoor AV system, you should install a smart landscape lighting solution. Have lights in your patio, pool, and backyard automatically turn on when the sun sets, so you’re not left in the dark. You can manage lights from the same remote or app you use for your entertainment system, so it’s easy for you to make adjustment as the night goes on.

Upgrade to an outdoor AV system that will make your house the ultimate destination spot this summer to host family and friends. To learn more, call us at (714) 779-9900 or contact us online.

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