4 Ways Smart Technology Makes Your Home More Stylish

4 Ways to Make Your Home Look Elegant with Smart Technology

Reduce Clutter While Enhancing Your Favorite Features

Designing the right look for your Anaheim Hills, CA home isn’t just about choosing the right furniture, decorations and color palettes. Get more out of your interior design by using technology to your advantage as well. A smart home automation system lets you streamline your technology not only in the way it works but also in the equipment you use. Upgrading to a smart home means more than just added convenience; it’s also about aesthetics.

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Consolidate All Your Clunky Devices

The primary purpose of a smart home automation system is to bring your technology together under one solution. One of the benefits of this setup is that you can reduce the amount of equipment needed throughout your home.

This is especially useful when it comes to entertainment. Instead of needing a satellite box, Blu-ray player or media server in each room, you might only need one for your entire home. You can hide your AV equipment in a dedicated closet, so it doesn’t get in the way of your décor. 

Embrace Hidden Technology Solutions

As part of your installation, we can also advise you on the best hidden technology for your home. From surveillance cameras to speakers, we help you find models that seamlessly blend into your interior décor. Even your televisions can disappear into the ceiling or custom cabinetry and only appear when you’re prepared to use them. At the press of a button or a simple voice command, your entertainment emerges when it’s time to sit down with the family to enjoy a movie or a TV marathon.

Get Rid of Clutter on Tables and Walls

Your system is all about smart control, which means you can reduce a lot of clutter. Start by eliminating the pile of remotes in your media room, theater or bedroom. Instead, you can manage all your entertainment from a smart remote, dedicated touchpad or mobile app.

If you’re undertaking a more modernist approach to your interior design, you may even want to limit the number of wall switches. You can do this by upgrading to elegant keypads that control multiple components at once or by managing your lights from a dedicated touchpad mounted on the wall.

Set the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Any interior designer will tell you that the right lighting can make all the difference. With smart home automation, you can dim fixtures from 0-100 percent until you find the perfect settings for each room. You can then save those into your system and pull them up at a later time in the form of a scene.

Intuitive control of your lights also makes it easier to choose what you want to highlight. For your landscape lighting, dim individual fixtures and raise others to showcase flowers in bloom, a fountain in the yard or your home’s best architectural features. In your living room, do the same to show off new artwork or furniture.

Incorporating smart home technology is about more than just convenience. It can also help you take your interior décor to a whole new level. To learn more about how you can benefit from a custom solution, fill out our online contact form.

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