4 Ways Smart Home Automation Enhances Your Home

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The latest trend in home improvement is adding technology to your spaces. However, there is a difference between simply adding smart home gadgets and making them all work together in one cohesive system. Surreal Systems integrates all your amenities into one easy-to-use system. In a professionally designed smart home, all subsystems from lighting to security work together to maximize your comfort, safety and enjoyment. The perfect smart home automation system gives you streamlined, intuitive control specifically designed to get the most out of your Anaheim, California home. Here are four big benefits of having smart home technology.

1. Centralize Control of Your Home

It can be a hassle using multiple remotes or apps to get all the technology in your home to work together. With a smart home system in your California home, all components are accessible within one easy-to-operate user interface on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Find the perfect lighting, temperature and media settings for your favorite activities—from watching a movie to having dinner—and then save the settings under one action, like “movie night” so you hit one button and get ready quickly.

2. Save Time and Energy with Lighting Control

Few aspects of home automation have as immediate a return on investment as smart lighting. By linking your lighting fixtures to window sensors, you can have lights immediately turn off when natural light is available. Automated lighting promises to save you time while cutting down on your monthly energy bills.  Don’t worry about lights being left on throughout the house. From your smartphone, check to see what lights are on and turn them off remotely if they are no longer needed.

3. Get the Most Out of Your Entertainment

You can have quicker, more convenient access to all of your technology and media content through your home automation system. We can keep clunky electronics hidden away by installing all of your Blu-ray players, streaming devices, matrix switchers in one centralized location. With all the equipment hidden away, all you have to do is open an app on your mobile device to distribute audio and video to the rooms throughout your home. With pre-set scenes, you can turn your living room into a private theater or ultimate gaming room as your lights, surround sound and television change to match your specific activity at the touch of a button.  

4. Get Peace of Mind with Smart Security

Install HD cameras with sensors that are trigged by motion so you can capture any unwanted activity immediately and watch it live or online later. Remote access and monitoring give you control no matter where you are. Link your smartphone to security alerts to know when someone is at the door or if there is a leak or fire in your home. You can watch surveillance footage from across the globe and remotely arm or disarm your security system.

Why Choose Surreal Systems?

We work with you from the initial consultation and all the way through post-installation updates and service to ensure your system works to your liking. Your home automation system is primed for growth whether you want to expand to another room or simply upgrade to the latest technology. Through our ongoing maintenance services, any problems you encounter can be resolved quickly. Don’t hesitate! Contact us today to bring smart technology into your Anaheim, California home. 

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