4 Ways Listening to Music Can Enhance Your Life

4 Ways to Enhance Your Life with Whole House Music System

Enjoy Added Happiness and Health with a Whole House Music System

Even if your family isn’t composed of audiophiles that collect records or diligently create themed playlists online, your Anaheim Hills, CA home can still benefit from a whole-house music system. Did you know that listening to music can improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing? A professional installation makes it easy for you to enjoy high-quality audio throughout your home so you can reap the benefits when eating dinner with the family, helping your kids with schoolwork, or going to bed.

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Reduce Stress and Boost Happiness

Need a way to settle down after a long day at work? Lay back on your living room couch and use your phone to pull up your favorite playlist. In just 15 minutes, you’ll find your mood beginning to improve. Studies have shown that listening to music releases dopamine in your brain. This neurotransmitter can help you feel happiness, excitement, and joy.

Aside from boosting your mood, listening to music can also actively reduce anxiety and stress. Switch over to your favorite karaoke playlist with just a swipe on your app. A government-funded study found that singing along to your favorite artists can reduce the stress hormone cortisol. So a simple impromptu singing session wherever the inspiration hits –you can pull up music in your bedroom, bathroom and even the pool—can help you avoid various illnesses and diseases caused by stress.

Sleep Better and Ward off Depression

Another simple way to stay healthy is to improve your sleeping routine. Listening to relaxing music for 30-45 minutes before you go to sleep not only helps with insomnia but will also result in a deeper sleep. Link your whole house music system to your home automation to create a “Good Night” scene that dims the lights and begins playing a specially-curated playlist when it’s time for bed. That same sleep research study found an additional perk to this pre-bedtime routine: it can significantly reduce symptoms of depression.

Manage What You Eat During Dinner

Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds or simply embrace a healthier lifestyle, there are a variety of tools you can use to eat better. A Georgia Tech study found that the right environment can curb your appetite, making sure you don’t overeat throughout the day. Create a “Dinner” Scene that dims the lights and begins playing a relaxing playlist to make sure you stick to healthy rations when eating with the family.

Help Your Kids with Schoolwork

Your whole house music system can even help you improve your kids’ performance in school. Research shows that listening to music they like can help people memorize accurate information. Work with your children to find a playlist composed of their favorite artists that you can pull up when it’s time to do homework. Having an official studying playlist is also an excellent way to let the kids know when it’s time to start and end that afternoon’s studying session. You can manage the playlist through your phone or dedicated touchpad or schedule it to happen at a particular time every day.

Investing in a professional music system isn’t just about boosting your entertainment; it can also offer enduring health benefits. To find out how to bring this technology into your home, contact us online.

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