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Here at Surreal Systems, we have our favorite smart home solutions. But we understand everyone has their own idea of what they love most. In the area of Newport Beach, California however, we’ve noticed that many of our customers tend to adore a lot of the same solutions. And, many of these features are incredibly popular all over the country, not just Southern California. The Custom Electronics Show this year (CES) showed us some of the top tech trends, and many other shows and magazines have covered them as well. Here is our list of smart home automation trends for 2016. 

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1.    Smart Thermostats

The introduction of the smart thermostat, Nest, launched a whole new world of smart home products for consumers all over the world – no matter how big your bank account. A climate control system that learns your habits and automatically adjusts the temperature in your home is quite revolutionary. However, while we do like Nest and their other products like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, Nest has its downsides. You have to live a very predictable life in order for it to work to your advantage. If you wake up every day at 7, leave at 8 and come home at 6 every day, Nest will remember this pattern and adjust accordingly. But if you have guests in town, go on vacation, or every member of your family has a different schedule, it can be hard for this device to work properly. At the end of the day, the goal of having a smart thermostat – whether it’s Nest or a Control4 Aprilaire thermostat, etc. – is saving energy and making it easy to control the climate of your house. We have thermostats you can control with your phone, and special functions that allow you to put your device on a schedule that saves you energy, time, and money. We’ll work with you to find the right solution.

2.    4K Televisions

We witnessed big sales of 4K TVs this past Christmas, and we anticipate the 4K trend to get bigger and for even more families to take UHD technology home with them. Ultra-high definition, or 4K, means that it has four times the amount of pixels than HD. That amounts to over 8 million! These TVs create the most vivid, realistic images. You can even sit up closer to them and not notice the pixilation. Surreal Systems has 4K projectors, smart TVs, and 4K content so you can enjoy many movies and shows in the very best picture quality on the market.

3.    Hidden Technology

You may not mind seeing your TV in the living room, or leaving a black box on a coffee table, but interior designers don’t like seeing any kind of tech out in the open. Hidden technology is certainly one trend that isn’t going away. From placing TVs at the foot of your bed, to invisible speakers and in-wall touch screens, we are seeing all kinds of hidden technology today. Seura is one brand that specializes in hiding TVs in mirrors, and the company Origin Acoustics has speakers and subwoofers that fit discreetly in your walls and ceilings. Even if you can see the piece of tech, like a sleek touch screen, we can make it look simple, clean, and stylish. That way when your guests walk in they can focus on your beautiful décor, a new piece of artwork or furniture instead of the TV. Although, with as beautiful as 4K TVs look now, you may not mind keeping them out in the open.

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